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Seaspell Whippets

Janine & Dusty Britton, Smyrna, Delaware


Welcome to Seaspell Whippets!

This is a work in progress, so check back often as we add photos and adventures.

Janine & I have been into whippets, as a breed and as our kids, for over 30 years.  Our lives revolve around our whippets, and if we're not doing something with our wild ones, we're working hard to afford to do something with them!  Though whippets are our breed, our lives have been graced with several Borzoi, a great Dalmatian, several quarterhorses, birds, and many other creatures.  Our current chaos includes a parrot (Kluck) and a hinny (Deary)!

And to not overdose on whippets, we've thrown in a couple of adventures that we've experienced, thanks to our parents!

Meet Rio, Our Monkey Boy

Rio is our current star, and my buddy!  His proper name is Sportingfields Bermuda Shorts, but he's Monkey Boy to us.  Thanks to Debbie Butt of Sporting Fields, allowing us to have Rio in our lives.

Rio loves catching the frisbee

This photo shows Rio doing what he loves to do, catch those frisbees.  When he's not playing, he's working hard with Janine in the show ring:

Completed UKC championship 09/12, completed UKC GRCH on 09/01/13, AKC championship 04/13. At his first UKC weekend he finished his championship and he was Reserve Best in multi-breed show at one of the shows. To date UKC wins are: 2 Reserve Best in Multi-breed shows at the Delmarva KC shows (03/2,3/13), and at Garden State Kennel club shows 07/05/13-Reserve Best in Multi-breed Show (show #1), Best in Multi-Breed Show (show #2) and 07/06/13, Best in Multi-breed Show (show #1), Sep 1 2013-Best in Multi-breed show (show# 2), Jan 25-26 2014--Garden State KC Sat show #1 Best in Multi-Breed Show and Sun show #1 Best in Multi-Breed Show, AKC wins: 08/01/13-Fort Steuben Kennel Assoc. Whippet supported entry BOB for 5pt major towards GCH, March 15 2014 Delaware County Kennel Club, AWC Eastern Specialty BOS for 5 pt major towards GCH, July 4 2014 UKC Garden State KC shows 1&2 Back to back Best in Multi Breed Show, UKC Garden State Kennel Club 9/27/14 show 1 RBIMBS, 9/28/14 show #1 BIMBS, 03/13/15-York KC-supported entry Select dog 5pt GCH, 03/14/15-Eastern Whippet Specialty-Select dog 5pt GCH

Rio's first litter of puppies, born on April 29, 2015 @ 10:14 pm

Zecora's (Rio's daughter) first litter of puppies, born on August 29, 2018 @ 5:34 pm

Nero's (Rio's granddaughter) first litter of puppies, born on September 17th, 2022 @ 5:45 pm

Kenyan Safari

Thanks to my Dad, Bill Britton, we experienced a series of life events on this photo safari!

Our Kenyan Safari with Dad was like no trip I've ever experienced, before or since.  It was a life experience, exposing us to a world like no other, and to wildlife in a very personal way.  As a photo safari, we took MANY photos, but this was before the good, inexpensive digital camera, so the photos are scans.

One of the many jems from the trip is a friendship with our tour leader, Jackson K. Wekesa, which has grown over the years.  Now, Jackson has a great safari company, Jacko Africa Safaris, and we'll visit him again one day!

To learn more about this life event...


Ireland 2013

To celebrate Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, we all went back to our roots, in Ireland!

We will go back to Ireland, first, since it's so close and the Irish are so friendly, and because there's horseback riding!

Google was nice enough to put together a storybook of the trip, from the photos and the GPS tagging.  Someday, in my early retirement (haha) I'll complete this storybook!

To view the storybook...