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Seaspell Whippets

Janine & Dusty Britton, Smyrna, Delaware


Kenyan Safari - Day 7

DAY 7, Wednesday, April 04 - SAMBURU-LAKE NAKURU

""Visit the spectacular Nyahururu Falls, and then make your way down the eastern escarpment of the magnificent Rift Valley.  After lunch take a leisurely drive through LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK, famous for its pink flamingos. Drive to the edge of the lake to view thousands of birds feeding in the alkaline water; see the sweeping view from the top of Baboon Rocks; then look for warthogs and waterbucks as you leave the park. (FB,L,D)""

Since it was necessary to get rolling early, we woke up at 5:45 am, with luggage out & breakfast at 6:25 am, then off onto the road at 7:00 am.
We stayed at the SAROVA LION HILL LODGE [Tel: 254 37 850235 Fax: 254 37 210839]""
Picture Index for the day - Roll #14
19-:Male Lion!!! (Leaving the incredible lodge early morning, Linda spotted the lion not 20 ft off the road, laying down, letting all us visitors know this is his home! Great spotting by Linda!)

Picture Index for the day - Roll #15
-4:Male Lion!!!

-6: Mt. Kenya
-7: black rhino on a private ranch
-20: our shortcut (fun roads), Thompson Falls, Rift Valley (over 9000 km in length, 100-140 km wide: where most of the Kenyan runners come from)

-21: The pink flamingos at LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK, Rothchild's giraffe

Picture Index for the day - Roll #16
-25: white rhinos, common zebra, cape buffalo, thompson gazelle, common jackel, flamingoes at the

Lake Nakuru (only 3 ft deep, dried up entirely in 1983, the flamingoes eat the algae which can reproduce at a rate of 1 tonne/hr), closer to white rhinos, pride of lions
Picture Index for the day - Roll #17
-4: what a picture (thompson gazelle, flamingoes, kenyan raiobow), another wow picture (add rhino and egrets, minus gazelle), these may ntt have worked. Now testing: traditional African dances

Dances at 7 pm, dinner after (7:45)

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