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Seaspell Whippets

Janine & Dusty Britton, Smyrna, Delaware


Kenyan Safari - Day 4

DAY 4, Sunday, April 01 - NAIROBI-ABERDARES

""Head north, into the well watered, fertile area where members of the Kikuyu tribe grow corn, bananas, pineapples, coffee, and tea. On the way a break at the thundering Thika Falls. After lunch at the Aberdare Country Club (beautiful grounds and the lunch was a mix of wonderful flavors) near Nyeri, pack an overnight bag. Your game-watching career starts in the ABERDARES NATIONAL PARK (600 sq km) at a tree hotel overlooking a flood-lit water hole and salt lick high up on the densely wooded slopes of the mountain. While away the after-dinner hours identifying creatures of the wild as they gingerly step out of the forest. (FB, L, D)""

This day started our journey into the wildness of Kenya, but we always ended up in the civilized world, more like the pampered world!  With luggage out and breakfast at 7 am, we headed towards Aberdares National Park by 8 am.  We experienced the roads of Kenya, from nice paved super highways, to potholes that were really valleys dug out by the El Nino rains of 1998!  Kombo would leave the mercatum of the road, off into the bush to find an easier route, since the road was not passable.  
We stayed at THE ARK - ABERDARES [Tel: 254 171 55620 Fax: 254 17 155224], simply WOW !!!!
Picture Index for the day - Roll #3
4-8: Thika Falls- both falls are tinged with red soil from erosion.  The rainy season was approaching, and here was the evidence.  Luckily the real rains didn't arrive until we were back in the states, but on our last two days of travel, we did get to experience it firsthand!!!

9-12: Chania Falls, african tulip tree Or flame tree of thika

13-15: mango trees, change of scenery, Now villages over kms in siZe
16-17: Tana River, narrow here near its source, but becomes One of the largest in Kenya
18-: Aberdale Country Club, parrots, scarlet sunbird and peacocks. Then spotted giraffes in the distance, major excitement.

Picture Index for the day - Roll #4

1: Giraffes, a pod of 6-9
2-4: Irradicent birds, also speckled mouse bird
- 14: baboons, red duiker deer, at the country club. Then driving into the park, baboons, colobus monkeys, african cape buffalo (most dangerous animal to humans in the jungle)

-16: The Ark, where we are staying

The Ark is a wonderful building, our room has a perfect view of the waterhole.  And there's a touch of civilization here, with our wonderful dinner menu at The Ark:
  • Smoked Sailfish Pate
  • Minestrone Soup (all the soups during the trip were incredible, and I'm not one for soups)
  • Roast Turkey Sausage Meat Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Fresh Garden Vegetables and a choice of Salads from the Buffet
  • Fresh Strawberries with Ice Cream
  • Kenya Cheese and Biscuits
  • Coffee, Tea, or a nice selection of wines!
- 18: out of our window, the water hole upon arrival. This truly a life experience, seeing wildlife at such vantage point. Egypt geese

Picture Index for the day - Roll #5 (800 speed)

-8: Waterbuck, Crowned hornbill, dekdek, auger buzzard, hamerkop, coypa, hyenas. Evening with mild excitement, wIth Cape buffalo and hyenas!

-21: so much excitement, thru the night. At 12:30 am, the 2-bell buzzer went off, annoying the black rhino's arrival (they are called the fire engines of the plains, since they will seek and destroy a fire if they smell the smoke). She was very curious, constantly roaming about. The cape buffalo was tolerating the rhino until they butt heads; the rhino went her own way. Then at 3:30 am, a 1-belw buzzer sounded, announcing the arrival of the largest land mammal. the elephant!!

Picture Index for the day - Roll #6

-21: Animals of the Ark
22: Frankallies

On to Day 5...

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All double quoted comments ("") come directly from our Tour Itinerary.  Please contact me if you have any questions or corrections, at dusty@bwci.com