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Seaspell Whippets

Janine & Dusty Britton, Smyrna, Delaware


Kenyan Safari - Days 1 & 2

DAY 1, Thursday, March 29 - Transatlantic Flight to London

Flight 2142 British Air From BWI 4:40pm, arrives London/Gatwick 3/30 6:00am
Our transatlantic flight left on time, dinner was good, ironically had smoked salmon, figured Dad had something to do with that :-)  Janine's almost enjoying herself and Dad is on a high. Smooth flight so far with a couple incidents of noticeable turbulence. 


- A crazy day, but enlightening.  We had thought about just crashing for the day, to be well-rested for the safari, but the heck with that!  We're in LONDON !!!  Arrived in Gatwick an hour early, due to 140 mph tail winds! Slept for 4 or so hours at the day room in Gatwick Hilton, then to a quick lunch on the 2nd level of South Terminal at Starbuck! It was a pleasurable sight to see the familiar coffee house!  For £12, roundtrip on the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station in London, a pleasant 30-min rail into London. What a station, great place to have lunch and watch the people, but no time for that, off to a 'Big Bus' tour. Need to return to Gatwick Airport!!
While on the Big Bus tour, we did the complete circuit of London (the Red Route), and quickly saw some of the sights.  It was a brisk tour, with some comedy from the tour guides!
Picture Index for the day - Roll #1
1-2: Wellington Arch
3: Wellington Arch and trees, in motion
4: Marble Arch
5: US Embassy
6: Coach and Horses - a pub where we wanted to stop, but no time for that, off on the Big Bus!
7: Piccadilly Circus
8-10: Trafalgar Square
11: Lions at Trafalgar Square
12: St. Paul's Cathedral
13-14: Tower Bridge
15-19: Oldest Castle in London, 1069 and it's Dungeon :-)
20: Coast near HMS President
21: London Dragon found at every entrance to London
22-23: Millennium Wheel - we must take a ride when we return to London.  There was a long line even on this day, but it was just a beautiful day, even our guide commented!  Thanks, Mother Nature!
24: Clock Tower with the bell, Old Ben
With this last shot, we were dropped off at Victoria Station.  We grabbed some pies-n-sauce and coffee, rushing to catch the Gatwick Express.  Another most enjoyable ride, enjoying the nibbles, and wondering what lay ahead!

On to Day 3...

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